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Genuinely Affordable 
Our houses will be affordable for local people forever. There is a huge need for affordable housing on Gower, to enable a broader range of households to live here. We will use an affordable rental and shared ownership model to ensure that the homes are affordable, even after re-sale. Our cutting edge model sets rents and sale prices at a level which is genuinely affordable for people who work locally, even those in low paid but essential jobs.

Community-Led And Community-Built
We will use a community-led approach which will be driven by local people, members and residents. All members of Gŵyr CLT live and work locally and are themselves in housing need. We will work with our local community to find a site, concept and design which serves everyone. We will carry out at least 50% of the construction  process ourselves, allowing residents to acquire sweat equity, enabling people without significant capital to get onto the housing ladder.

Designed For People Not Profit  
We will use a cohousing design to create a strong, supportive, healthy and resilient community. We will prioritise shared open spaces over large private gardens, pedestrians over cars and provide shared facilities. We believe resilience comes through strong networks of support and we aim to actively encourage this through design, how we live and how we organise. We will create a community which is multi-generational and allows us to support each other through all stages of life, from young children to the elderly. The design will be interwoven with biodiverse, wild spaces, working with the natural environment rather than against it. 

Low Impact Living  
We will create zero-carbon homes which enable truly sustainable lifestyles. We rapidly need to reduce the carbon emissions of our buildings, and this is not happening quickly enough. Through the design and materials our houses are built from; how we supply our energy and water; growing our own food on site; and setting aside spaces for biodiversity and carbon capture, we will aim to bring our environmental footprint to a level where the people and planet can thrive.

We will create a new and successful model for sustainable, community-led housing in Wales. We will use experience gained to  support other groups to establish high quality, affordable housing projects in their own areas and become a blueprint for other community-based groups, councils and organisations wishing to pursue community-led housing. We will open-source all of our learning and all aspects of our model, so that we can push forward the growth of community-led housing across Wales and the UK. 

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